Sunday, 7 November 2010

The honeymoon is over

(Luckily I am not talking about my relationship with my wife, just my 365 day project).

Yesterday two things happened. The first thing was that having not been able to find a window seat in the local coffee shop I failed to take the planned portrait of my wife. Kodachrome 64, Supertakumar 50mm at f1.4, natural light as she people watched.

But there no window seats available and away from the windows at ISO64...not a chance until I hit 1/8 sec.

But the 'Thing' is that no Plan B appeared, in fact nothing really crossed my mind until much later that evening I clambered out of my bath, grabbed my mobile phone and took a picture showing just how tired and grumpy I was feeling. So here I am, just under one seventh of the way through my 365 Project and the inspiration is now going to be harder to work for. This was bound to happen. There are only so many ways to walk to work, few hours of usable light until next April, only so many times you can find a visual joke and only once that you express your relief at having a hot bath at the end of the day by taking a picture of your legs whilst in the bath.

The second thing that happened was the non-arrival of a pack of slides from the US. Of the last four rolls of Kodachrome 64 that I had, two so far have been used for my project. Neither of them have yet appeared. If this was the 1940s I would have one chalked up as 'missing' and the other is 'overdue'. The third roll ( with three more days on it) is nearly finished but I am now loathe to send it in case that also disappears into the blue. My wife suggested I try to incorporate this loss into the project but at the moment I am not sure how since by default a 365 project needs 365 consecutive days worth of pictures. But unless I extend this into a 410 day photographic project I might be in trouble here.

On the plus side, I saw a portrait in the Saturday Times yesterday with a background dropped back to grey. So this afternoon we tried this. White paper roll between two stands, Lastolite softbox just to the right of the camera and slightly above my wife. SB900 triggered by CLS, Nikon D700, ISO200, manual, 1/100 at f4. Some post sharpening and high pass in Capture NX2 and Photoshop CS4.

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Alan said...

Just spent an hour reading your blog and it's made me think that I should renew my interest in photography, so thank you.
However, you so often mention your (no doubt long-suffering)wife that it would be nice if she had a name other than Mrs hunt.